Asthma may up obesity risk

London (IANS) While obesity is already known as a risk factor for developing asthma, a new research led by one of an Indian-origin, has showed that people with the airway disease are also more likely to become obese. The study indicates … read more


Trade should be propeller of peace: Jack Ma

Hangzhou (IANS) Alibaba chairman Jack Ma said efforts should be made to promote the healthy development of China-US trade even though it is hard to fulfill his previous promise of creating 1 million jobs for the United States under current circumstances. … read more


Scientists track microbes to monitor health of Sundarbans fisheries

Kolkata (IANS/Mongabay) They may be microscopic in size, but bacterioplankton steer major carbon cycling and food webs in aquatic ecosystems. Bacterioplankton are the bacterial component of plankton that live in water bodies, including oceans and lakes. Now, scientists at the … read more


Receiving Smita Patil award validates my choices: Anushka Sharma

Mumbai (IANS) Actress Anushka Sharma who has received the Smita Patil award for best actor, said it validates the choices that she has made so far in her career. Addressing the media here at the 34th edition of the Priyadarshini Academy … read more


Love and Sacrifice of liberated women – Book review

We often talk about women independence, empowerment, liberty and rights. This has always been a debated topic across the globe. But are the dominant men willing to accept the freedom of women? The question remains with contradictions and paradoxes till … read more