Finance Minister Sitharaman calls for governance overhaul in Jharkhand amid corruption, migration and ‘jungle raj’

Ranchi: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday said that Jharkhand is experiencing extensive corruption, migration, and lawlessness, emphasizing the urgency for a shift in governance within the state.

Sitharaman, while speaking at an event in Ranchi, countered allegations of biased and step-motherly treatment towards Jharkhand, deeming them unsubstantiated.

She stated that with the revival of industries, Eastern India has the potential to become the nation’s growth engine.

She mentioned that Jharkhand, once ranking among the top five states in ease-of-doing business, now suffers from a deteriorating law and order situation, resembling ‘jungle raj.’

“Jharkhand used to feature among the top five states in ease-of-doing business.

But now, ‘jungle raj’ prevails here.

The state will attract more investment if law and order improves.

Change in governance is the need of the hour in Jharkhand,” Sitharaman stated.

She stated that the opposition’s claims of the prime minister showing bias towards the state were unfounded.

Additionally, she highlighted that Jharkhand received a substantial allocation of Rs 7,200 crore for railway projects in the 2024-25 budget.

“The allegations (of the opposition) about step-motherly treatment towards the state by the prime minister are baseless.

Jharkhand was allocated a record Rs 7,200 crore for rail projects in the 2024-25 budget,” she stated.

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