Russian Army marches on ‘Made in Bihar’ boots manufactured in Hajipur

Hajipur (Bihar) (IANS) In a commendable testament to global collaboration and local enterprise, the Russian Army is now marching on boots manufactured in the heart of Bihar.

Hajipur-based Competence Exports Pvt. Ltd. has successfully established itself as a significant player in the international market by producing high-quality safety shoes for the Russian military.

Founded in 2018, Competence Exports has grown rapidly, driven by a commitment to quality and a mission to generate local employment.

“Our primary goal in setting up the Hajipur facility was to create job opportunities for the local community. Currently, we export all our safety shoes to Russia, but we are also exploring opportunities in Europe and aim to launch in the domestic market soon,” said Shib Kumar Roy, General Manager, Competence Exports.

Employment generation is a key focus for Competence Exports. The company employs 300 individuals, 70 per cent of whom are women.

“Our Managing Director, Danesh Prasad, envisions a world-class factory in Bihar that significantly contributes to the state’s employment rate,” Roy added.

Last year alone, the company exported 1.5 million pairs of shoes worth Rs 100 crore, with plans to increase this figure by 50 per cent in the coming year.

While appreciative of the support from the Bihar government, Roy highlighted the need for improved infrastructure and better communication facilities to facilitate smoother interactions with international buyers.

“To sustain and grow our operations, we also need a training institute to provide us with skilled manpower,” Roy noted.

In addition to safety shoes, Competence Exports is making strides in the luxury fashion market as well.

The company exports designer shoes to Italy, France, Spain, and the UK, with ongoing negotiations to expand to Belgium.

“Our goal is to develop high-end shoes for international brands,” said Mazhar Pallumiah, head of fashion development and marketing.

“Although there were initial reservations from foreign companies, our quality products have won their confidence. We expect some of these companies to visit our factory next month,” he added.

Despite the challenges of starting a fashion industry in Bihar, Pallumiah expressed optimism, saying, “With the vision of our promoters and government support, we are confident in our ability to continue expanding.”

This success story from Hajipur not only highlights the potential of Bihar in global manufacturing, but also underscores the importance of quality, innovation, and local empowerment in achieving international acclaim.

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