With the initiative of Education Department, ‘Harsh Johar Curriculum’ will be implemented in 41 other schools including 80 excellent schools

Ranchi: The Education Department of Jharkhand is taking the initiative to implement ‘Harsh Johar Curriculum’ under the Harsh Johar Program in a total of 121 schools including 80 excellent schools and Kasturba Gandhi Girls’ Schools.

In this regard, a two-day orientation program was organized for the training of 10 teachers from each of the 80 excellent schools and Kasturba schools.

Harsh Johar program is being run under the Sampoorna Project, under this, life skills will be developed in children through social-emotional learning, activity-based learning, interactive sessions, and safe space for learning, in 121 schools of the state.

This course will be for children from 6th to 12th. Under the Harsh Johar Curriculum, life skills like developing emotional resilience, critical thinking skills, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, self-respect, a growth-oriented mindset, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and empathy towards others will be developed in children.

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