Two youths who had come from Patna to worship were swept away in the strong flow of Bhairavi River, saving their lives after much effort

Ranchi: Two youths from Patna (Bihar) got trapped in the strong current of Bhairavi river near the famous Siddhapeeth Maa Chhinnamasta temple located in Rajrappa. While trying to escape, both the youths somehow caught hold of a rock in a pit near the confluence of Damodar/Bhairavi and stood up and started shouting to save their lives.

Seeing this, the local people and the priests of the temple trust committee, after a lot of effort, pulled both the youths out of the strong current of the river safely. According to the information, a group of devotees from Patna, Bihar had arrived this morning to have darshan of Maa Chhinnamasta. Out of which one youth went to take bath in Bhairavi River.

During this, his foot slipped on the rock and within no time the young man started flowing. Seeing his friend drowning, another young man jumped into the river to save him and soon both the young men started flowing in the strong current of water. Somehow those boys started shouting ‘Save, Save’ from the river itself.

Meanwhile, a group of local youth and the priest of the temple trust committee saw the youth while calling out and asked them to hold the rock present around the river. Somehow both of them managed to catch hold of the rock just above the confluence of Bhairavi River. Stood up after falling on a stone. The priest of the temple along with the local people, showing unity, started the rescue operation and both the youths could be saved safely.

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