Babulal wrote a letter to the CM and said – Energy Department made a big mistake in issuing the tender, take action

Ranchi: State BJP President and former CM Babulal Marandi has written a letter to Chief Minister Hemant Soren saying that there is corruption in the Energy Department. Order action on that. Babulal has written in the letter that Jharkhand Energy Transmission Corporation Limited (JUSNL) has floated a tender. But for this, approval has not been taken from Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission (JSERC). According to the Regulatory Commission, there is no need for this tender right now.

Babulal said that a tender has been issued for Chandil and Koderma grid sub-stations, the estimated cost of which is Rs 169 and Rs 213 crore. He said that floating the tender without the approval of JSERC is a sheer misuse of government funds. If this expenditure is not justified at the time of determination of electricity tariff in the future, then JSERC will not consider it in determining the tariff.

Babulal told the CM that as per the order of the High Court, a threshold limit of Rs 175 crore has been fixed by JSERC. If any work has to be executed on it then it has to be done through TBCB and not through RTM. Still, work worth Rs 213 crore is being done against the rules.

Babulal said that a tender was also floated for Balliapur and other places. On which JSERC’s approval has not been taken. He said that the Chief Minister is also the Minister of the Energy Department and without his blessings, the officials cannot commit such a big mistake.

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