Weather conditions in Jharkhand to remain mainly dry with one or two spells of thundershowers

Ranchi: IMD’s Ranchi Meteorological Centre said that no significant synoptic condition prevails over Jharkhand and hence a few places were expected to experience light rain.

Weather conditions would be mainly dry with a few places witnessing light rain. Any significant weather condition prevailing over Jharkhand was not found.

The weatherman that there would also be no significant changes in the maximum temperature during the next four days. Ranchi would generally witness a cloudy sky with one or two spells of thundershowers said a bulletin issued by Ranchi Met Centre.

The weatherman said this is the transition phase as the monsoon is in a retreating state in the country. The state’s rain deficit as of stands at 21 percent as against a normal of 999.7 mm Jharkhand has so far actually received 786.2 mm of rains.

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