Ranchi Police in action mode, arrested 2420 accused in one year

Ranchi: Ranchi Police is seen in action mode. In the last one year, Ranchi Police has arrested 2420 accused in different cases and sent them to jail. Apart from this, during the year 2023, eight Naxalites associated with different Naxal and militant organizations have also been arrested. The police have also arrested many big criminals.

According to the data of the last 365 days, seven accused are being arrested every day in the capital. Whereas Ranchi Police has arrested 2385 accused in the year 2022, 3429 in the year 2021 and 2774 accused in the year 2020. Most of the murders in the capital have taken place over land disputes.

However, if we look at the murders that have taken place in the last four months, these murders have not taken place over land disputes, but due to mutual disputes and love affairs. However, in the last four months, Ranchi Police has curbed the killings over land disputes to a great extent. Earlier, murders were taking place every day in Ranchi over land disputes.

Ranchi Police seems to be strict against illegal business. Under the leadership of SSP Chandan Sinha, Ranchi Police is continuously taking action against the people involved in illegal business. If we talk about the last few months, Ranchi Police has busted a big case of illegal liquor trade, gambling den and opium smuggling.

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