Give a befitting reply to the dictatorship on 20th May – Kalpana Soren 

Giridih:  Kalpana Murmu Soren, wife of former CM Hemant Soren, is completely active in Gandey. They are stuck in the area itself. She took part in many programs in his area on Thursday. Tried to pay tribute to the martyrs in the area. Kept in touch with the voters of the area. The program of meeting people continued till late evening.

On this occasion, he said that our water, forests, land and rights have been protected by the struggle and martyrdom of the brave men and women of Jharkhand. Our ancestors have taught us how to fight for our rights.

The people of Gandey Assembly are requested to give a befitting reply to the dictatorial forces by pressing the button on the bow and arrow in the by-election to be held on 20th May. Kalpana gave a slogan to the workers – Jharkhand will not bow down. India will not stop.

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