Population of Santal and Pahadia has decreased in Santal, investigation will be done after BJP government comes – Babulal Marandi

Dumka: BJP State President and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi said that the continuous decline in the population of Santal and Pahadia tribes in the Santal Pargana region is an alarm bell.

When the population of Paharia in Santal decreased, then whose population increased is a matter of investigation.

The villages of Paharia in Pakur area were destroyed.

Where there was once a population of hills, there is a large population of infiltrators.

There has been no infiltration, but it has been done deliberately by JMM-Congress.

Due to infiltration and illegal mining by Bangladeshis under the patronage of Hemant Soren government, Santhal and Pahadia tribals have been displaced in many areas of Pakur and Sahibganj. Nobody worries about them.

After the formation of the BJP government, a special team will be formed to investigate the matter and appropriate action will be taken.

Congress and JMM have maintained silence regarding their vote banks.

His people not only snatched away the land, but also snatched away their daughters-in-law.

The daughters were cut into 50 pieces and thrown away.

Despite this, the Indi alliance did not raise its voice.

If BJP had not raised its voice, no action would have been taken against anyone. Such incidents are happening every day.

Marandi said that BJP has not sent Hemant Soren to jail.

The agency and the court have sent him to jail.

He said that he had written a letter to the then Chief Minister Hemant Soren warning him about the illegal stone mining going on in Sahibganj.

There was a demand to take action on this.

The government did not take any action in the light of my letter.

After one year a major accident happened.

Hemant Soren is in jail in the case of illegal stone mining.

Marandi said that Ranchi MLA and former minister CP Singh had said in the House that the then DC of Ranchi was taking Rs 3 to 5 lakh in the name of giving arms license.

The government did not take any action on this matter.

The job of the opposition party MLA is to bring wrong things to the notice of the government.

It is the government’s job to take action.

Today when the agency investigated, DC and Hemant Soren were in jail.

Hemant Soren has looted the state.

Marandi said that BJP is fighting with strength on all three seats.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continuously touring in this election.

PM Modi has made 7 visits so far. BJP is contesting the elections with full preparation.

In a small state like Jharkhand, the Prime Minister has organized 7 programs.

It is clear from this how attached he is to the state.

BJP is winning all the three Lok Sabha seats of Santhal.

The condition of Santhal is not hidden from anyone.

The tribal Santhali and Paharias here are in bad condition.

PM Modi brought many schemes for the people here.

The people of the state are standing with BJP on works like Ujjwala gas, Ayushman scheme, electricity, roads etc.

For the upliftment of Santal, Atal Bihari BJP included Santhal community in the 8th schedule.

The President of the country is also a tribal, so it is a clear message that BJP listens and works for the tribals.

He said that the present government of Jharkhand is only engaged in looting.

In four years, not a single work has been done which would make the people here proud.

Because of the government, the very existence of Santhals and Paharias is in danger. Santhal only has silver from illegal mining, infiltrators and brokers.

The plight of the people here did not change, but the population of Santhal hills decreased.

This is an alarming alert.

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