Congress Leader Imran Pratapgarhi and JPCC President Rajesh Thakur campaigned for INDI Alliance Candidate Vijay Hansda

Sahebgunj: A public meeting was presided over by State Congress President Rajesh Thakur and All India Congress Committee Minority Department Chairman Imran Pratapgarhi in favour of Congress Candidate from Raj Mahal Vijay Hansda in Sahebgunj on Thursday.

Imran Pratapgarhi taunted Prime Minister Modi through his poem and said, “People are crying foul due to inflation, where is the watchman sleeping?”

Imran Pratapgarhi said that only arrogance will break the pride of the central government.

We have never seen an honest person like Alamgir Alam.

The Modi government sent him to jail because the ground is slipping from under him.

He has realized that his power is going to go and he cannot live without power.

The leaders are shamelessly asking for 400 seats from the public, on the other hand there is Congress and India Janbandhan which will not let the Constitution be affected.

Our leader Rahul Gandhi is continuously struggling to protect the Constitution.

We have to support the people of the country by reading their minds that Modi will no longer be the Prime Minister of the country.

The Rs 2000 note could not last for 7 years and this time they are asking for an account of the 70 years.

So there will never be elections in the country.

BJP talks about Hindus and Muslims, we talk about employment.

He said that if the Constitution is to be saved then BJP has to be removed.

He appealed to the public to win Vijay Hansda by pressing the button on the arrow and bow print.

In his address, State Congress President Rajesh Thakur said that today we have come to make Vijay victorious with your support.

We are going through a period of crisis, as per a strategy at the behest of Prime Minister Modi, first Hemant Soren and then Alamgir Alam Saheb were sent to jail so that India Janbandhan in this area is weakened but with your cooperation this message has reached the BJP leaders.

That jail will be repaid through votes.

He said that Modi’s comment about Bapu is strange, today he has started considering himself a great man.

The whole world considers Bapu as the Messiah of peace and follows his ideals, but in his arrogance, Prime Minister Modi is questioning the very existence of Bapu.

The chair of the Prime Minister does not suit such people.

Addressing the gathering, Health Minister Banna Gupta said that we are love givers, we are the people of India, and the people on the other side tell lies and jumla to the public.

They want to create an atmosphere of hatred among the people, the ignorance of the country gives life for the country.

Bapu’s murderer is still alive who is busy making Bapu’s murderer a hero.

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