Opposition increases inside JMM over Sita Soren & Lobin Hembrom

Ranchi: The opposition within the Jharkhand Mukti Morch has intensified against MLAs Lobin Hembram and Sita Soren.

Senior JMM MLA Stephen Marandi held a press conference on Saturday and accused Lobin Hembram and Sita Soren of being involved in anti party activities. Stephen Marandi said that Lobin Hembrom is holding anti-party meeting in his assembly constituency Maheshpur which is sending a wrong message to the public.

He said further that Lobin Hembrom is also putting up party flag and picture of party president Shibu Soren in these antiparty and anti-government meetings, not only this, he is saying that with Guruji’s permission, he is putting his picture.

Continuing further, Professor Marandi said Lobin Hembrom is protesting over the demand to declare a local policy on the basis of the 1932 Khatiyaan. To this, he said that he does not understand what he means by Khatiani as the survey has been done in the state till 2005.

Lobin Hembrom is saying that he has not been allowed to speak in JMM meetings and in the assembly that is why they are getting Hemant Soren and my effigy burnt. He alleged that BJP is provoking the JMM leaders. He claimed that Lobin is sitting with Babulal and accused the JMM of trying to break JMM. The senior MLA demanded Shibu Soren and Hemant Soren take a decision on this and demanded that disciplinary action should be taken against them.

On the other hand, on Sita Soren, he said that it is not appropriate for her to go to Raj Bhawan as this is anti-party work. There is displeasure in Sita Soren over the Amrapali project and whatever the problem is they should talk to her brother-in-law (chief minister). He said that so much mining is happening in Santhal however how she left Santhal and reached Amrapali, it is beyond comprehension. Stephen Marandi said that the government is serious about local policy.

Regarding the Khatiyaan of 1932, the Chief Minister has made everything clear in the House itself. If the local policy is made on the basis of 1932 Khatian, then it will be rejected by the court. The government will definitely find some way after churning on it.

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