Claim and Counter Claim on the victory of three Lok Sabha seats on fifth phase of elections in Jharkhand by NDA and INDI Alliance

Ranchi: BJP State President and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi expressed his gratitude to the people of the state on the completion of three Lok Sabha seats and Gandey Assembly by-elections.

He said that NDA will win all the 14 Lok Sabha seats of the state.

The victory of the NDA candidate is certain in the Gandey assembly by-election also.

He said that the target of crossing 400 is not difficult for NDA.

Last time also BJP had won 303 seats. DA had won 353 seats.

Now only 47 seats have to be expanded which is possible with the blessings of the public.

He said that the work that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done in the last 10 years is not hidden from anyone.

Be it the Prime Minister’s residence, be it gas connection, tap water reaching every house, be it free treatment worth Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Yojana, be it giving free ration every month so that no person sleeps hungry.

Everyone is aware of this.

Marandi said that apart from this many development works have also been done. Building roads. Highways are being built.

The country is standing on its feet.

The respect of the country has also increased in the world.

Everyone is aware of this also.

Everyone has to vote for Narendra Modi again this time and make him the Prime Minister.

Whereas, Congress Speaker person Rakesh Sinha said, People have rejected BJP led by Pm Modi in the fifth phase of voting in Jharkhand.

He said, It is clear that People have casted their vote to save the Constitution and democracy.

People have voted on issues not on Religion nor Mangal Sutra.

Rakesh Sinha said, Under the leadership of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, INDI Alliance candidate will win all three Lok Sabha Seats in Jharkhand.

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