Country’s Popular PM Narendra Modi gave respect to the tribal society – Sanjay Seth

Ranchi:  Ranchi Lok Sabha Parliament co-candidate Sanjay Seth and Bharatiya Janata Party’s Organization Leader Karmaveer Singh attended a meeting with the people of Sarna Samaj at the residence of Jaglal Pahan in Hatma.

In which the Sarna Samaj did a great job in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

There was discussion on strengthening the hands of the successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi by voting for Seth.

Jaglal Pahan said that till now no party has paid attention towards the Sarna community.

BJP is the only party which considers the society as its family.

Ravi Munda, convener of ST Sampark Abhiyan, said that Congress has only worked to cheat the tribal society for 60 years.

In 1951, the Sarna Dharma Code was also removed by the same government.

And today the widow is lamenting among the society and is again trying to cheat the society.

Society has woken up and is not going to fall into the clutches of such people.

Lok Sabha candidate Sanjay Seth said that BJP is the only party which can help the tribal society.

She is not considered just a voter but a family and as a result of this, a tribal woman, Draupati Murmu, has become the President on the highest post in the country.

It is the BJP which separated the state of Jharkhand, created the Ministry of Scheduled Tribes, Lord Birsa Munda.

Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister to visit the village of Lord Dharti Aba.

Before this, no national leader of Congress or Prime Minister thought it appropriate to visit the village of Lord Dharti Aba.

Karmaveer Singh said that the development and progress of the tribal society is the first priority of Narendra Modi.

Those people who are spreading confusion by talking about the Constitution, very soon the people of the society will give a befitting reply to them by showing their love and support towards the party.

All sections of Sarna society expressed their support to Sanjay Seth.

Various organizations took part on behalf of the society, mainly Oraon Birsa Pahan, Chhota Nagpur Sun Committee, Namkum, Sunil Toppo, Central Dhumkuria, Bablu Munda, Ajay Kachhap, Nirmal Pahan, Arun Pahan, Namkum Nakul Tirkey Social Welfare Committee, and Karan Nayak, Ajay Kashyap, Sunita Toppo, Arjun Ram Vishwas Oraon, Meena Linda, Naresh Paan, Sanjay Toppo, Chunnu Mishra were present.

In Kukui village of Ormanjhi, MP Seth said that if anyone thought about villages, poor and farmers, it is the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. Keeping in mind the women of the village, Narendra Modi provided gas connections, Prime Minister’s residence under the Ujjwala scheme.

Under the scheme, Jal Se Nal, Ayushman Card, free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh, Jan Dhan Account, many such works were done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many works have been done including providing ₹6000 Neem Coated Urea as grant to farmers.

Whatever promises Narendra Modi made to the people of the country, whether it was the construction of Ram Temple, whether it was the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, he fulfilled it.

The successful Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi is working for every society, every class, every people, whether it is Beti Bachao Beti Education, many works are being done on empowerment of women, we are self-reliant in many areas, hence for nation building we all have to Make the country’s successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time by pressing the BJP’s Kamal Chhapar button.

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