Onion crosses Rs 50 in capital Ranchi: 10 trucks of onion coming every day, price doubled in 20 days

Ranchi: There has been a huge jump in the prices of onion in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Onion prices have doubled in just 20 days. Whereas till 20 days ago, onions were being sold at Rs 30 to 40 per kg in the retail market, their price has now crossed Rs 50. Its price has gone up to Rs 60 in different areas of the city. No one has the answer to the question of when onion prices will come down. If wholesale traders are to be believed, we will have to wait for this.

Onion in Jharkhand, including the capital Ranchi, depends on imports. According to Madan Prasad, President of the Potato-Onion Wholesalers Association of Pandara Bazaar, the onion available to the people of Ranchi comes from Maharashtra’s Nashik, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Among these, most of the onions come from Nashik, Maharashtra. But untimely rains in Maharashtra spoiled the onion crop. Due to this, imports are decreasing.

According to Madan Prasad, about 20 to 25 trucks of onion are required every day in Ranchi. These days only seven to 10 trucks of onions are arriving. These are the two main reasons due to which the prices have increased.

According to wholesalers, the price will come down only when onions arrive from Rajasthan by the end of November. States of South India: Onion crop has been damaged due to rain in these states. If the crop is not harvested then the arrival in Jharkhand is stopped. Maharashtra: The major source of supply of onion in Jharkhand is Nashik of Maharashtra. At present there is onion here. But, supplies too many other states are made from here. In such a situation the demand has increased. This is the reason why Nashik onion prices are on the rise.

Rajasthan: Farming is done on a large scale in Alwar district. These days a new crop has started emerging from here. Supply is expected to start in 15 days. Gujarat: Jharkhand onion comes from here in very small quantity. Due to which there is no major contribution in increasing or decreasing the price. Efforts are being made to control prices and availability in the state and capital. An effort has been made by Biscomaan. 

A letter has been written to Biscomaan MD on behalf of Biscomaan Ranchi Regional Officer Ayodhya Singh. According to the information, Biscomaan will sell onions at Rs 25 per kg. However, it has not yet been decided what is the maximum quantity of onion that will be given to a customer and where it will be sold.

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