Mercury fall to 7 degrees in Jharkhand: Gumla district coldest, temperature to fall further

Ranchi:  Winter has arrived in Jharkhand. One has started feeling cold in the early morning and late evening. There is also a drop in the temperature of the state. 

The weather of the capital Ranchi, the maximum temperature has dropped by 5 degrees and the minimum by 7 degrees. This drop in temperature will further increase till next month. The current pink cold is about to turn into Kankani.

The effect of changing weather patterns has been such that the weather in the capital Ranchi has deteriorated significantly. This decline has been seen in both maximum and minimum. 

According to the data of Meteorological Centre Ranchi, the minimum temperature recorded in Ranchi on Saturday was 15.9 degrees. The maximum temperature has dropped by 5 degrees and the minimum by 7 degrees.

The weather forecast issued by the Meteorological Department shows that the cold is going to increase rapidly in November. Kankani in the state will increase due to winds coming from the northern region.

According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature in the state is about one to two degrees below normal. These days it is colder in the southern part of Jharkhand. The weather in the northern part is still normal. 

Talking about cold in the districts of the state, Gumla’s night is becoming the coldest. The minimum temperature here has reached 12.4 degrees. Whereas the minimum temperature of the adjoining district Palamu is 16.5 degrees.

The temperature in Deoghar was recorded at 18.3 degrees. Jamshedpur had the highest minimum temperature of 19.4 degrees Celsius.

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