NIA will interrogate Dinesh Gope for eight days, court gives permission

Ranchi: NIA and Jharkhand Police will interrogate Dinesh Gope, supremo of proscribed PLFI for eight days as the court has given its permission for the same.

On Monday, Dinesh Gope was presented before the court amid tight security. During this, the NIA has sought permission from the court to interrogate Dinesh Gope on remand for 15 days, but the court has approved the remand for only eight days. PLFI supremo Dinesh Gope, who has been synonymous with terror for a long time, was living in disguise (in the guise of Sardar). IB got information about this. 

Acting on the information, the team of NIA Branch Ranchi arrested Dinesh Gope while taking action. After the arrest, Dinesh Gope was brought to Delhi. After that he was brought to Ranchi from there. Jharkhand Police had announced a reward of 25 lakhs on Dinesh Gope. 

At the same time, the NIA had declared a reward of five lakhs on him. In the last one year, Jharkhand Police had more than half a dozen encounters with PLFI supremo Dinesh Gope’s squad. But Dinesh Gope used to escape in every encounter.

He hails from Lappa Mohratoli village in the Jariyagarh police station area of Khunti district. By the way, this village is just like the common villages of Jharkhand. Dinesh Gope accused of killing dozens of people, had been a headache for the police for a long time. 

Apart from Jharkhand and Bihar police, NIA was also searching for him. Many big extremists of PLFI have been caught or killed. But catching or killing Dinesh Gope remained a challenge for the Jharkhand Police. The head of PLFI organization was wanted by NIA in RC 02/2018 case. 

Significantly, immediately after demonetisation, Dinesh Gope had tried to deposit Rs 25.38 lakh of levy in the Bedo branch of SBI Ranchi through a petrol pump operator. Ranchi police had arrested four people including the petrol pump operator on 10 November 2016. In this case, the NIA had taken over the case on January 19, 2018.

The NIA had initially raided the premises of Dinesh Gope’s associate Sumant Kumar and others and recovered 90 lakh cash and investment documents. The NIA had also arrested Dinesh Gope’s two wives Heera Devi and Shakuntala Kumari in the course of the investigation.

On 2 March 2020, the NIA arrested Dinesh Gope’s special associates Jayprakash Singh Bhuiyan and Amit Deshwal. A businessman from Gujarat was also arrested by the NIA in connection with the investment of PLFI money in companies. But Dinesh Gope was still far from being caught but now he has been caught.

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