Aalamgir Aalam attacks BJP and the Central Government

Pakur: State’s Rural Development Minister Aalamgir Aalam has attacked the BJP and the central government.

Regarding the statement given by the BJP on NRC, the minister said that they do not have any agenda and these people keep on talking about irrelevant things.

Attacking the central government Minister Aalamgir Aalam said that the central government had made big promises, but if seen on the ground, all these promises remained empty. The BJP had promised to provide employment to the unemployed and get rid of inflation.

But if seen, leave aside the talk of giving jobs to the unemployed, the cylinder of Rs 400 has become Rs 1200 today. The minister said that whenever the time of elections comes, these people try to divert the attention of the people of the country from the real issue and start misleading them.

The minister said that the people have given their answer in the Karnataka elections. The answer will be given in the future as well he added.

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