New traffic route in Ranchi for five days – No entry of heavy vehicles from 20 to 24 October

Ranchi: Changes have been made in the traffic system to ensure smooth traffic during Durga Puja and to ensure that devotees reach the pandal without any hassle. This change in traffic will be applicable from October 20 to October 24. The complete route map has been issued by the Traffic SP regarding the traffic arrangements during the puja. In which it is clearly stated that there will be no entry of heavy vehicles in the city during this period.

During the puja, vehicles will not be allowed to enter the prescribed route from 20th October to 24th October from 8 am to 4 am on the next day. Ranchi Traffic Police has informed that during this period, 10 new routes have been prepared for the operation of private and passenger vehicles. Apart from this, parking arrangements have been made at 12 places for vehicles during Pandal Darshan.

There are 15 places in the city where drop gates have been made. Operation of all types of private vehicles/autos/e-rickshaws will be prohibited from Kachari Chowk towards Shaheed Chowk, Firayalal Chowk, Sujata Chowk.

All private vehicles coming to the main road from Sujata Chowk will be able to go only till Sainik Market / GEL Church Complex. All small trains coming from Piska Mod towards New Market (Ratu Road) will operate from 16:00 pm to 04:00 am from Meenakshi Cinema Mod via Pahari Mandir to Kishoreganj Chowk and from there towards Harmu Chowk.

Four wheelers coming from Harmu via Kishoreganj towards Ratu Road will operate only till Kishoreganj Chowk. All such two wheelers coming from this side will go ahead of Kishoreganj from Pahari Mandir turn to Meenakshi Cinema turn and Ratu Road towards Piska turn.

Small four wheelers going towards Piska Mod from Harmu Bypass Road will go from near BJP office via Peepar Toli towards Piska Mod via Kathal Mod / Hehal Anchal. Small vehicles coming from Kanke Road towards Kachari Chowk via Zakir Hussain Park/Radium Road till Kachari Chowk. Small vehicles coming from Lalpur Chowk towards Kachari Chowk up to JPSC office.

 Small vehicles going from Bariatu Road towards Albert Ekka Chowk Line Tank Road Ramgarh. Small vehicles coming till Trekker Halt and from Dangratoli Chowk towards Sarjana Chowk will be able to reach Mission Chowk only.

The route from Lalpur to Kokar will remain one-way, only vehicles going from Lalpur to Kokar will go through the Sadar police station route. Trains coming from Kokar towards Lalpur will reach their destination via Kantatoli. Small vehicles from Harmu Road can go to Kantatoli via Argora Chowk, Kadru, Sujata Chowk, Munda Chowk.

Vehicles coming from Kanke Road can go towards Jamshedpur or Kantatoli via Ram Mandir, Randhir Verma Chowk, Karamtoli via Buti Mod. Entry of small vehicles will be prohibited on the main road from 8 am to 04:00 am the next day. Entry of small vehicles has been prohibited from New Market Chowk to Kishoreganj Chowk from 8 am to 04:00 am the next day. Vehicles carrying essential commodities will be able to enter urban areas only between 04:00 am to 08:00 am.

Private and two-wheelers coming from Doranda/Sujata Chowk to the main road. Private and two-wheelers of devotees going from Sainik Market/Church Complex. Firayalal towards Bakri Bazaar – District and Balkrishna School Ground. Vehicles going from Dangiratoli to Sarjana Chowk – near Mission Chowk/in front of Saint John School. Vehicles going to Station Road Puja Pandal – from Railway Recruitment Board to Chutiya Police Station turn Taklalpur.

Vehicles going to Kokar – Sadhu Maidan/Electricity Office. Vehicles going to Bakri Bazaar from Kanke Road. Vehicles going to Bakri Bazaar from New Market Auto Standharmu Bypass. 

From Piska turn near Bada Talab River Ground, Vehicles coming to Durga Mandir Chowk, Ratu Road. In front of Jaiswal Petrol Pump before Durga Mandir. Vehicles coming from Bariatu Road to Bakri Bazar. 

Near Nagababa Khatal Parking/Zakir Hussain Park Vehicles coming from Harmu Bypass to Kishoreganj.

Road side between Muktidham to Kishoreganj Pandal near Harmu Chowk – Harmu Maidan

Pooja Pandal near Bariatu Housing – Bariatu Grounds Pooja Pandal near CMPDI – Next to Cambrian School

Both the roads near Kathal Mod, on the way from Paratilata Chowk to Ratu Road, near Paralaw University, Kanke Bodeya Ring Road, near BIT Ring Road, on the way to Bariatu at Buti Mod.

Routes from Khelgaon to Kokar Routes from Durga Soren Chowk to KantaToli Routes from Durga Soren Chowk to Makchund Toli Near Rampur Near Kharsidag Near Bridgeford School Near Satranji Overbridge Near Birsa Chowk Shaheed Maidan.

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