Accident averted at Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi – IndiGo flight 6E 7562 develops technical snag

Ranchi:  A major accident was averted on Wednesday at Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi. If the technical fault in the plane had not been detected in time, the lives of 150 passengers would have been at risk.

According to the information, Indigo flight 6E 7562, which was going to fly from Ranchi to Kolkata at 8.30 am, had a technical problem in the engine. This flight was about to take off. The pilot became aware of a technical fault before take-off. After which he informed the management about this. Indigo flight number 6E 7562 was about to take off for Kolkata. All the passengers had sat on their seats.

Meanwhile, on the runway itself, the pilot discovered a technical fault in the engine. He informed this to the airport authority and the repairing team. The team reached near the flight as soon as the information was received and started investigation. Meanwhile, all the passengers were de-boarded from the flight. The technical team was deployed to fix the malfunction.

In this regard, Airport Director Anil Kumar said that this flight has been cancelled. A team has been deployed to resolve the technical problem of the flight. Many passengers returned their tickets after the flight was cancelled. There were about 150 passengers in this flight who were scheduled to fly to Kolkata. But at the right time the pilot informed the airport authority about the technical fault.

After which, in view of security, the passengers were thrown out of the plane and they were informed about the technical fault in the plane. Many passengers were seen waiting for an alternative flight from the Airport Authority. 

Some passengers protested against not providing alternatives in such situations and said that when there is a technical fault in an aircraft, the airline should arrange for another aircraft. There were many passengers who had to go to Kolkata for important work.

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