India’s horticulture crops production expected to touch record high

New Delhi (IANS) The total horticulture production in the country including fruits, vegetables, flowers and plantation crops is expected to be a record 351.92 million tonnes during 2022-23, according to the 2nd advance estimates, released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on Wednesday.

The highlights of the estimates are as follows: 

Total horticulture production in the year 2022-23 is estimated to be 351.92 million tonnes, an increase of about 4.74 million tonnes (1.37 per cent) as compared to the year 2021-22 (final).

Production of fruits, vegetables, plantation crops, flowers and honey is expected to increase.

Fruit production is estimated to be 108.34 million tonnes in the year 2022-23 as compared to 107.51 million tonnes in the year 2021-22.

The production of vegetables is estimated to be 212.91 million tonnes in the year 2022-23 compared to 209.14 million tonnes in the year 2021-22.

Potato production is expected to be 60.54 million tonnes, compared to 56.18 million tonnes in the year 2021-22.

Production of plantation crops is estimated to increase from 15.76 million tonnes in 2021-22 to 16.05 million tonnes in 2022-23, which is an increase of about 1.78 per cent.

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