Jharkhand BJP President Babulal Marandi demanded for CBI Inquiry for JSSC paper leak case

Ranchi: BJYM organized a one-day protest program near Raj Bhavan regarding the JSSC question leak issue. BJP state president Babulal Marandi, who was involved in the protest, said that BJYM workers have gathered and participated in the protest near Raj Bhavan in protest against the state government, this is corruption not only with the youth but with the entire state.

Even 2-3 days before the announcement of the JSSC exam date, people are saying that seats are being sold. Seats are being sold for Rs 35 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. There was uneasiness in the mind after listening to the candidates as to what was happening in the state of Jharkhand.

He said that this government is engaged in ruining not only the future of children and youth but also the future of Jharkhand. Not only the youth but the entire state is suffering the punishment for the misdeeds of JSSC under the patronage of the state government.

Babulal said that the people of Jharkhand work hard to educate their children somehow, the children work hard day and night so that they can somehow become successful, however, this government is hurting the promising children.

If someone takes money and becomes a young official or employee, then it is clear that the foundation of corruption will be laid and corruption will flourish due to it.

Earlier too, such irregularities had come to light in many types of examinations, but the Hemant government was not ready to accept it, but when the students took to the streets and protested and showed all the evidence, the government had to accept it.

When students come out on the streets to demand their rights, they are lathicharged and injured. An attempt is made to intimidate by filing a case with serious charges. I was saying from the beginning that such a big paper leak scam cannot happen without the involvement of the Chief Minister’s Office. Today this is being proved.

In the 539 pages of information that ED has given in the court to extend the remand period of Hemant Soren, it is written that a large number of admit cards of students have been recovered from the mobile and house of Hemant’s close friend architect Vinod Singh, who were given money. Had to be taken and restored. The state government should tell who Vinod Singh is? The people of the entire state know. He follows Hemant Soren like a shadow during the family trip within the country and abroad.

Now it has come to light that Hemant Soren, along with broker Binod, not only looted the land but also looted the poor unemployed students who were preparing for jobs by taking bribes. How can the government be more shameless than this that the Hemant Soren government, which sells coal, iron, stone, sand and land, has also done the work of selling jobs to the poor. 

Demands from Chief Minister Champai Soren to recommend investigation of JSSC scam by CBI without any delay. 

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