Jharkhand ATS arrested 3 shooters of Aman gang who shot coal businessman

Ranchi: Jharkhand ATS arrested three accused, including sharp shooter Chandan Saw of Aman Saw gang, accused of shooting coal businessman Ranjit Gupta and killing Ritwik company official in Argora. The ATS team went to Patratu on Monday to raid in search of these criminals. Only then there was an encounter with operatives of the Aman gang at Dadhidih-Mahuamod.

ATS DSP Neeraj Kumar and Inspector Sonu Sahu were injured in this. Both are admitted in Medica Hospital. ATS arrested Chandan Sao from Daddag in Ormanjhi. A revolver, five cartridges, a bike and several papers were recovered from him. Eight cases were registered against him in Ramgarh, Hazaribagh and Latehar. Whereas, Warish Ansari was caught from Patratu and Sonu Kumar from Ormanjhi. Warish is a resident of Patratu and Sonu is a resident of Ramgarh.

ATS has registered a new FIR against these three. The three criminals were extorting huge amounts by threatening to kill coal businessmen and officials of coal companies in the name of Aman Sav gang. The ATS said the operation against organized gangs operating in the state would continue. Neither the criminals will be spared nor those who give them shelter and protection will be spared. 

In search of other criminals including Bobby Sau, the henchman of Aman Sau gang who fired on ATS, the police raided from village to forest in Ranchi, Ramgarh, Hazaribag h and Latehar.During this, 15 people have been detained. They are being interrogated. 

CID has also started investigating this attack. On the other hand, an investigation team led by DSP JBN Chaudhary reached Shahitand in Patratu and recreated the scene of the encounter. Chaudhary said the incident is being taken from the local police and detectives. Work is underway on the plan to nab the culprits who opened fire. Meanwhile, Hazaribagh DIG Narendra Kumar Singh also reached the spot. He took stock from Dadhidih to Hendegir via Shahitand.

ATS DSP Neeraj Kumar and Inspector Sonu Sahu, who were injured due to bullet injuries, are undergoing treatment at Medica Hospital in Ranchi. When DSP’s condition deteriorated late on Monday night, he was put on a ventilator for 14 hours. Doctors said that his condition is improving, but he will be kept on observation for 48 hours. It is noteworthy that in an encounter with the Aman Sav gang in Patratu on Monday night, the DSP was shot in the stomach.

Gundaraj is running from jail in Jharkhand. Five organized gangs Aman Saav, Prince Khan, Aman Singh, Vikas Tiwari and Aman Srivastava gang have created terror. Of these, except Prince Khan, all the kingpins are in jail, but 278 of his henchmen are roaming outside. They are firing in broad daylight on the traders who do not pay levy. CID has prepared a list of these criminals. The responsibility of action has been given to ATS. 

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