High Court rejected RMC’s proposal on ban of sell of meat in the open

Ranchi: The High Court has given its verdict on the petition filed against the Municipal Corporation’s order against starting the operation of the slaughterhouse, selling and cutting meat in the open.

Rejecting the order of Ranchi Municipal Corporation, the High Court on Wednesday said, the government’s approval is not received in the order issued by the corporation. At the same time, the court has directed that the government should soon make a regulation for this. In fact, the previous government had constructed a slaughterhouse in Kanke to curb illegal slaughterhouses running in the capital without rules. 

Also, it was directed to all the shopkeepers present in the city that following the rules all the shopkeepers will not sell meat in the open and illegal slaughterhouses will not be operated. Seeing that the rules were not being followed, a petition was filed in the court, which was rejected by the court.

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