CCL and CMPDI started survey on 11 coal mines which will be filled, land will be fertile again

Ranchi: 11 Coal mines of the state left open will be filled. Due to this, the lands of the mines will be used again. This land will become fertile again.  After filling the mine, not only will there be freedom from pollution, illegal mining and deaths due to accidents every year will also be stopped. For this, the survey of mines started from Monday. This survey is being done by drone.

A joint committee of CCL, CMPDI and the government will prepare its survey report. Only after this report, it will be decided as to how the filling of the mine can be done. In the meeting of NITI Aayog, CCL has informed about the closure of mines for the first time. Significantly, the CCL had asked the state government to appoint officers for the joint survey team. After this, the government appointed the mining officials of the district as the nodal officers of the team.

This team will prepare a report after taking detailed information about the photographs and area of mines located in different districts. A target has been given to complete the survey work by August 9.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren raised this issue in the Eastern Zonal Council meeting held in December last year. At the same time, Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon had also raised the demand for closure of mines in the pre-budget meeting held in Delhi in November last year. The Finance Minister said that the mines where mining had stopped decades ago have been abandoned. Whereas its stuffing should have been done by now. This is polluting the environment. Accidents are also happening along with illegal mining. 

Former head of Bahera Panchayat, Alexander Tigga said – The Company earned crores from Piparwar Mines, but when the coal ran out, everything was left desolate. Earlier mining and now pollution is causing many diseases.

There is no land left for cultivation. There is no one to listen to us. People have stopped even thinking that the company will someday develop the area by filling these mines.

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