Flights from Ranchi reduced, now only 25 flights daily, Indigo’s direct service to Goa and Lucknow stopped

Ranchi: The airlines company released the summer schedule for Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi Jharkhand. IndiGo’s direct flight service between Ranchi to Lucknow and Ranchi to Goa has also been stopped. New airline company Aakasha was about to start its service from Ranchi, but it has also pulled out.

Meanwhile, Alliance Air has also stopped its flights between Ranchi to Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. The planes will operate under the new schedule from March 31. Now only 30 flights will fly from Ranchi. In which 25 flights will fly daily.

Earlier the number of flights flying daily used to be 34 to 35. Vistara has also reduced the number of flights between Ranchi and Delhi. Now Vistara will have only one trip between Ranchi and Delhi. The decline in the number of aircraft is going to have an impact on the pockets of passengers. Because the number of flights will be reduced, the fares are expected to increase in the same proportion.

Indigo flight 6E- 6954- 6952 will run via Goa-Ranchi-Bangalore. It will land in Ranchi at 4.25 pm and leave for Bengaluru half an hour later at 4.55 pm. Meaning, you will be able to come directly from Goa to Ranchi but will not be able to go directly to Goa. 

To go to Goa you will have to take another flight via Bengaluru. The flight from Ranchi to Lucknow will go via Patna. Indigo also started selling tickets in the current summer schedule by deciding to start direct flight service from Ranchi to Jaipur in August last year. But it backed out before the scheduled flight could begin.

Apart from this, the new airlines company Aakasha has been taking only slots and timings for flights since last year. The airport authority has been given assurance in this direction several times. But no one is able to implement it on the ground. Aakasha’s announcement has remained just a matter of air. Aakasha had expressed desire to start air services from Ranchi to Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

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