Fed up with disruptions Speaker Oraon asks MLAs to adopt Middle Path propagated by Buddha to seek solutions of problems

Ranchi: Jharkhand Assembly Speaker Dinesh Oraon said that the MLAs who are elected to the house are sent here by the people as a ‘trustee’ hoping that their problems would be raised before the government and solutions would be found however the disruption of the assembly proceedings hurts the trust of the people.

In his opening remarks on the Winter Session of the Jharkhand Assembly Mr Oraon said that in a parliamentary democracy it is important that the time available in the house should be judicially used and through debate and discussion it is important to seek the solutions of any problems, unfortunately, some of the earlier sessions have fallen prey to disruptions in which on each day from question hour the proceedings of the house were hit.

He said that in order to ensure that the trust of the people remains in the democratic system and also in the assembly it is important that the house is allowed to function normally. He said that those in power should develop a thought that they have been given the mandate by the people to serve while those in opposition have been also elected by the same people, therefore, the government should consider the opposition as its own part and should positively accept the criticism of the opposition.

Mr Oroan suggested that Mahatma Buddha had advocated the doctrine of middle path and if the same is adopted by the government and the opposition than it is possible to reach on the solution of any problem and even the democracy would be able to realize its true goals. He hoped in the present session the MLAs would adopt the same thought and allow the house to function normally.

The Speaker said that since the Winter Session has commenced a day before Christmas, therefore, it is important that his works and ideologies be adopted in life, moreover the birthday of former Prime Minister  Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee is also tomorrow and it was under his tenure that the state was formed and his life too is a source of information for everyone.

He also congratulated newly elected Kolibera MLA Naman Vixcel Kongadi and hoped that he would be able to fulfil the wishes of the people who have voted for him and make the maximum use of the time available of this assembly for the welfare of the people. Mr Oraon also congratulated the Shyam Besra who has been selected for the prestigious Sahitya Academy Awards for his novel ‘Madom’ and Potla MLA Menka Sardar was who adjudged the best MLA for the year 2018.

The Speaker also extended his greetings to the governments formed in the five different states of the nation including Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan Mizoram and Telengana. He said that the verdict of the people is welcomed and hoped that the newly elected governments rise up to the expectations of the people.

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