DC chairs review meeting to asses preparations to conduct NDA exam

Ranchi: DC Chhavi Ranjan on Tuesday chaired a meeting with the officials to assess the preparations in wake of NDA exam to be conducted by UPSC.

The meeting was also attended by SSP Ranchi Surendra Jha, SDO Sadar Lokesh Mishra, SP City Sourabh and others. In the meeting, the center superintendents were asked to adopt all precautions to conduct the exams amid the Covid-19 scare.

The DC said that in wake of the Corona crisis all instructions issued by UPSC should be completely followed and arrangements have to be made at the centers accordingly.

All the center superintendents were asked to make arrangements for thermal screening after which the students should be allowed to enter the exam halls. Further proper social distancing should be followed to make the students enter the exam hall and if needed than barricading should be also done. On the other hand, social distancing should be also maintained in seating arrangements inside the halls. He also directed to properly sanitise the rooms.

He said that during Thermal Screening if any person is found positive than as per the guidelines separate rooms should be kept ready for which the district superintendents should make all the needy arrangements moreover if any infected person is found than oxy meter should be also kept to keep an eye on the oxygen level. The DC said that medical teams of the district administration will be in tie-up with centers so that if needed help can come easily.

He said that during examination there may be some students who turn up might not be wearing the masks therefore masks should also be kept handy as students wearing masks should be only allowed to enter the halls. Further, he asked the people to be deployed on examination duty to wear all possible protective gear.

He suggested the center superintendents stand in the queue to understand the problems of the students and said that as per the suggestions of the UPSC arrangements of cleanliness, water, toilets should be made.

Ranchi SSP Surendra Kumar Jha said that amid the pandemic conducting the exams in a secure and safe manner was the responsibility of all and asked to make sure that students do not face any problems. He said that outside the center’s police and magistrates would be also deployed.

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