Asked for Rs 1 crore instead of Rs 30 lakh, a friend planned murder of advocate Ravi Mishra – Police 

Ranchi: Advocate Ravi Mishra was shot on February 11 near Sanskrit College in Sukhdevnagar police station area of the district. Ranchi Police has disclosed this incident. Police investigation has revealed that Ravi Mishra’s friend Vikram Aggarwal had conspired to commit the firing over a money transaction dispute.

Taking action, the police team led by Kotwali DSP Prakash Soe arrested three criminals involved in this incident. The arrested criminals include Vikram Aggarwal, Sanjay Aggarwal and Ramu Kumar. SSP Chandan Sinha gave this information in a press conference at the SSP office on Tuesday.

Police investigation has revealed that Vikam Aggarwal is a friend of advocate Ravi Shankar Mishra who was injured in this incident. It was through him that ten lakh rupees were taken from Ravi Mishra by saying that instead of ten lakh, he would give three lakh rupees in three months. In return, up to twenty lakh rupees were returned by Vikram Aggarwal.

Still, advocate Ravi Mishra was demanding Rs 30 lakh, but in the meantime, Vikam Aggarwal was taking a loan of Rs 30 crore from a private company by mortgaging the 63 katta land of Salt Lake, Kolkata.

When advocate Ravi Mishra came to know about it, he started asking for Rs 1 crore instead of Rs 30 lakh and started pressurizing for money for the last two-three months. On this, Vikam Aggarwal told his acquaintance Sanjay Aggarwal about his problem and started looking for a person to remove Ravi Mishra from the way.

On this, Sanjay Aggarwal contacted Arabind Mahato, who was doing scrap business with him. The price for the murder of Ravi Mishra was fixed at Rs 5 lakh. As advance, Rs 55 thousand was sent by Vikam Aggarwal to the criminals through Sanjay Aggarwal. It was decided to pay the remaining money after completion of the work. 

As per the plan on the day of the incident, at 09:30 pm, Ravi Mishra was called by Vikam Aggarwal to settle the accounts of the money. This information was also given to the criminals. After this, as soon as advocate Ravi Mishra came out of Vikram Aggarwal’s house, the criminals ambushed him and fired at Ravi Mishra from behind. In which advocate Ravi Mishra was shot above the waist and he ran away and again entered the house of his friend Vikam Aggarwal. After that, Vikam Aggarwal and his brother took the advocate to Pulse Hospital for treatment.

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