5 home decor ideas for WFH life

New Delhi (IANSlife) Working from home was an unexpected gift for many of us in these unprecedented times. Infusing steadily into our lives and homes, various enterprises adopted WFH for the long haul. Safe to say, it is high time our laptops and desks get their due space in the house. While it has become a part and parcel of homes worldwide, having a designated workspace at home is still uncommon in India.

Blurring the space between work and home can be overwhelming. Having worked remotely for more than a year now, amping up your space is a project that can get your creative juices flowing. Amit Gupta, the Co-Founder and CEO of Ariana Deziner Kreations explores some ideas for a the reimagined home setup:

Let there be light

A naturally lit home is a delight. Curtains, both readymade and custom-made come handy for this. If your house is well-lit, dark-toned curtains with sheer and detached lining are a favourable choice. The dual-functioning helps control the amount of incoming light in the room. The detached, light lining prevents harsh light from hitting you directly. Sheer curtains are suitable for the day. Not only do they allow natural lighting for your daytime meetings, it also saves you some cash on electricity! While the darker tones can be used as blackout curtains, lightcoloured curtains are best suited for spaces with lesser light penetration. Alternatively, patterned curtains in the room can add a much-needed spark to a space. Choosing the same pattern colour as the furnishing binds the entire look of the room. Moving the curtain rod higher than the door/window length and customising the curtain length accordingly is another hack. In compact homes, it successfully creates an illusion of higher ceilings.

Wallpapers for the win

Adding a pop of colour or a textured wall is the easiest way to refresh the space. Adding a textured wallpaper on the wall of your work desk creates an illusion of a workspace separate from a cozy-home space. This allows you to switch the work mode on. Once done with the day, you can step out to differentiate the setup to relax. Another way is to add the wallpaper on the opposite wall of the desk, thus giving you a cool background for those video conferences. The traditional way of applying wallpaper on your bedroom wall can add colour to an otherwise minimalistic style. This being said, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colours for a maximalist look. Making one wall stand out counts as a statement masterpiece of any room.

A ‘sui-table’ companion:

In the era of sustainability, adopting conscious consumerism is the way to go. Multifunctional furnishings enable homes to free up space as well as protect natural resources. The new entry in town being the C-tables. Lightweight, portable and multipurpose, they can serve as a coffee table or laptop/study table without taking too much space. Be it from your couch to working with a view, you can shift from living room to balcony to a hill station with your C-table. The traditional study tables, too, have undergone an ergonomic upgrade with built-in plugs and phone holders for efficient use. Another hack is floating desks. A slab of preferred material is mounted to the wall, saving floor space.

Accessorise with accessibility:

Linen bedsheets and cushions can create a relaxing space. Plain and colour-blocked bedsheets, paired with quirky cushion covers, reflect your personality in your decor. On the lazy days when leaving bed is tough, but deadlines have to be met, cushions are your best friend. Rugs are an underrated accessory. A statement piece with a sense of warmth helps separate two spaces in one room and add definition to an area. Add a tint of coziness to your work area with a dohar. It can keep you warm under the AC or chilly weather. Apart from relevant office tools, a coaster is another must. Keep your food stored in microwave-safe containers as well as reduce the number of dishes to wash.

Mindfully yours:

A cleaned, decluttered space looks bigger and attracts positivity. Every colour scheme has a unique impact on us. Choose a deep blue for concentration or a grey for warmth. The general rule of thumb is to restrict to three to four thematic shades. It creates a sense of balance and provides a cohesive feel to the home. The colour palette psychology can easily be explored via various trusted sources. Structurally, follow the natural lines of the walls. Occasionally, however, break the symmetry. Add a table or a chair non-aligned to a wall. Another trendy piece that breaks the monotony is the hanging chair or a hammock hooked to the ceiling. Place it in your living room or balcony as a statement piece.

The oft-forgotten but crucial facet of home decor is that your house should reflect your personality. It is only natural that it should be, first and foremost, comfortable. Similarly, a one-time investment in high-quality materials is always a wise choice, say makers at Ariana.in. You can create budget-friendly and smart spaces to keep one space bleeding to another.

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