Selecting essential wear for monsoons

New Delhi (IANSlife) Monsoons bring with it odour, dampness and germs and it becomes important to upgrade your essentials and innerwear during this period.

Gaurav Pushkar, Co-founder, DaMENSCH and Harshit Vij, Co-founder and CEO, Freecultr, suggest ways to have a lovely, fresh rainy season:

Pick the right fabric:

Rains bring in dampness and humidity. Meaning, choose a wearable which dries faster and wicks sweat quicker. The fabric quality is something one must never compromise with as innerwear is the most intimate apparel. Especially in monsoon, when humidity is high, one sweats a lot. If this sweat stays on the body for long it may lead to rashes, fungal infections and worse. Choose a fabric that’s moisture wicking and a fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose. Innerwear made from MicroModal fabric is much more breathable and three times softer than cotton.

Go antibacterial:

Monsoons mean moisture, which means stickiness and itchiness from bacteria and other microbes. Look for fabric with a bacteriostatic function that doesn’t let bacteria grow, and hence quickly cancels all odour.

Odourless is best:

With clothes drying slower than usual, they tend to retain the damp smell. Choose underwear made from fabric which has the capacity to absorb the foul odour, and keeps you confident all day!

If you’re into fitness:

Look for absorbent products that are more stretchable and flexible along with durability for longer runs. Additionally, an elasticated waistband that is snug but doesn’t give any marks on the waist, is an ideal pick.

Invest in good quality innerwear for your health and comfort, especially during monsoon.

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