3 new facilities will start at Tatanagar railway station

Ranchi:  Passengers of Tatanagar railway station will soon get the benefit of new facilities. The restaurant on wheels built towards Tatanagar second entry gate, the third foot over bridge being built to remove the inconvenience caused in in-out till the platforms and the facility of escalator being built on platform number one will start by the end of September.

60 thousand passengers come and go daily from Tatanagar railway station. 45 pairs of passenger trains pass through. 35 labourers and artisans are working day and night to give it the final look. It is expected that its construction work will be completed in the first week of September.

The work of installing the third and second escalator of platform number one at Tatanagar railway station is underway. It is being constructed at the corner of foot over the bridge connecting platform 1 to the second entry gate towards Chakradharpur Ind. This will make it easier for elderly and sick people. It will start by September.

Along with this, one escalator each will be installed at the outer end of platform number-4 and third foot over bridge. The third foot over bridge of Tatanagar railway station is being constructed towards Kharagpur Ind. Due to the sudden arrival of two or three trains, there is a lot of crowd at the exit gate of the station. 

The third foot overbridge will solve this problem. This foot over bridge will connect platforms 4-5 to platforms 2-3 and 1 with direct exit towards Chaibasa bus stand. Due to this, passengers will not need to come and go through the main gate of the station.

Passengers of Tatanagar railway station will soon get new services. Its work is being done fast. This will facilitate the passengers to catch the train in the station and during their stay in the station – Raghuvansh Kumar, Station Director, Tatanagar Railway Station

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