No TET exam since 7 years, candidate said – Teacher appointment process may get stuck

Ranchi: Lakhs of students of Jharkhand who have done B.Ed-D.E.L.D will not be able to participate in the teacher appointment exam. This is because he has not passed the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) held in 2016 about seven years ago. These students say that it is not their fault but the state government’s.

Teacher Eligibility Test should be conducted every year, but after the year 2016 till now Tet exam has not been conducted. In such a situation, the government should leave dogma. He should conduct TET exam before appointing teachers. If this happens, all the successful students in this examination will get an opportunity to appear in the teacher appointment examination.

On the other hand, CTET pass students say that it is a matter of surprise that they are not recognized. These students say that they can participate in the central level teacher appointment exam, but cannot be a part of their own state’s teacher restoration exam.

Meanwhile, along with students, leaders of various political parties have also urged the government to conduct new TET exam soon and give opportunity to CTET pass students to appear in the exam. The affected students have claimed that the entire process of teacher appointment may get stuck. This is a gross violation of equality of advertising opportunity.

One, for the last seven years the Tet exam was not conducted and now they are being cheated. Said that such an instance has come to the fore in Himachal Pradesh and Assam, when the government there started the teacher recruitment process without taking the TET exam. Ultimately, the High Courts of both the states had to intervene and stop the recruitment process and take the TET exam.

If the government remains adamant on its insistence, the same will happen in Jharkhand as well. The state government has issued an advertisement on July 19 for the appointment of 26001 posts of assistant teachers. 

Preference will be given to para teachers working on about half of these seats.

The Jharkhand High Court has directed the state government to take a decision on appointing those who have already passed TET in six weeks. Along with this, it has also been ordered that the TET exam should be conducted as soon as possible. Even before this, the High Court has been directing the state government to conduct TET exam, as it has been made mandatory to pass TET in the appointment of teachers.

Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai said that it is the responsibility of the state government to conduct the TET exam on time. If the government is not able to conduct TET, then adopt CTET as an alternative.  his will be in the interest of the candidates.

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