Youths have an important role to preserve the culture and traditions of tribals: Raghubar

Gumla, Oct 22: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das called on the youth of the tribal community to play an important role to preserve their tradition and culture.

Addressing the Kartik Oraon Smriti Jatra cum sports competition organized in Project High School at Badri village under Ghaghra block of this district he said that Jatras or Melas provide an opportunity to meet with one another. He said that it was a dream of Baba Kartik Oraon that the tribal community by organizing such events keep their traditions and culture intact.

He said that the tribals have played an important role in the independence of the nation and also in building Jharkhand. He called on the community to realize the importance of education and asked them to adapt to the changes as then only they would be able to walk alongwith the development taking place in the nation and in abroad.

The Chief Minister said that Kartik Oraon always made efforst to protect the social traditions of the tribals. He said that the religious conversion bill brought by the state government is not against any religion but was applicable to all as now no one would be able to force religious conversions. He said that his government believed in the politics of development and does not indulge in politics in the name of the poor, exploited and the minorities.

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