VHP wants national level law to ban cow slaughter

Jamshedpur, Apr 14: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad Friday  demanded a national level law to ban cow slaughter, saying failure of the government to frame such a law gave rise to ugly incidents involving cow vigilantes.

“The incidents are the outcome of the government’s failure to enact a law against cow slaughter being done illegally,” Pravin Togadia, International Working President of VHP, told reporters in a press conference here.

He said that some “ugly incidents” had taken place in parts of the country involving cow vigilantes, but argued that those incidents took place when cow vigilantes were striving to protect cows.

Referring to the recent incident in Alwar, Togadia said that the Rajasthan government had already imposed a ban on cow slaughter, but it was being flouted.

Togadia said that he had videographed cow smuggling to the neighboring country from Kishangunj district of Bihar during his recent visit.

On conversion, Togadia said that quality education, health and employment were the issues needed to be addressed to tackle it.

Togadia sarcastically praised West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for helping awaken the Hindus who were in a state of slumber in the state.

“Mamatadi is doing a good maketing management on behalf of the Hindu community in Bengal who were slumbering and the approach of the state government helped the Hindus to awaken,” he said


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