Urban Development Secretary directs to fill potholes in Bariyatu and Bahu Bazaar area

Ranchi: Secretary of the Urban Development Department Vinay Kumar Choubey directed the officials of JUDCO to fill the potholes located to the Bariyatu Road.

Mr Choubey who visited the Rajbhawan to Booty Mode stretch of the capital found that there were more than 200 potholes on the 7.50 kilometres road. He asked the project manager of Judco to fill the potholes using bitumen. He said that all the potholes on the road should be filled within a month.

Later he visited the site for the construction of the Kantatoli flyover and said that once again tender would be floated for construction of the flyover so that by the end of the year work can start on the project. The Secretary asked the officials of Judco to also fill all the potholes on the road leading to Booty Mode to Bahu Bazaar.

Choubey said that the task of filling up the Bariyatu Road was to start but Monsoon delayed things but soon things would be repaired back to normalcy.

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