Union Minister Gen VK Singh says Development unprecedented during nine years of Modi Rule

Ranchi: Union Minister of State for civil aviation, road transport and highways General Vijay Kumar Singh highlighted the achievements of the Modi government at the Centre which has completed nine years in power during which he claimed that unprecedented development has taken place in India. 

Addressing the media he said that development remained unprecedented in these nine years and its scale and pace both are high. Development has been observed in the economy, social sector and political system he said adding that as far as economic development is concerned, even China and America are not close to India.

The minister said that since 1947 FDIs worth 950 billion dollars has been made in India out of which 532 billion dollars has come in 9 years. He said that Investment came in all the 31 states and union territories of India in 61 sectors and as many as 162 countries in the world have invested in India suggesting that they have confidence in the Indian economy.”

The union minister explained that the pace of GDP is increasing in the country. He said that India’s GDP is 3.5 trillion dollars at present. While our country took 67 years to achieve a GDP of one trillion dollars, it took eight years for our country to reach a 2 trillion dollars economy and just 5 years to reach the three trillion dollar economy figures he said.

Regarding development in the political system, Minister Singh said it has ‘Six Sigma’ quality management at polling booths which is unique in the world. Sharing uniqueness, Singh said that India has 90 crore voters including 2 crore new voters. Out of the total voters 60 crores exercise the franchise while the number of polling booths is 10 lakh and all the booths have Six Sigma quality management which is unique in the world.

”Talking about improvement in the defence sector, the minister said India is progressing fast towards self-dependence in artillery, aircraft engine and satellites. “In Ahmadabad, a satellite production centre has been established. The centre will produce 100 satellites every year. While getting a bulletproof jacket was difficult in 2014 we now have bulletproof jackets for our jawans but cars too.

While replying to a query on employment opportunities, he said the government has provided 36 lakh crore loans under Mudra Yojana to 30 lakh people and clarified that the government cannot provide employment to all. He said that the Organised sector can provide jobs to hardly 4 percent of youths. The remaining 96 percent will have to depend on self-employment or the private sector,” he said. 

Those present on the occasion also included State BJP President and Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Prakash and leader of the legislature wing of BJP Babulal Marandi.

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