Political Jihad after Love Jihad, Land Jihad, Vote Jihad in Jharkhand – Pratul Shahdeo

Ranchi: BJP state spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo said, accused the ruling coalition of promoting political jihad. Innocent tribal girls are lured into the trap of love by a section of the Muslim community and married. Later, there was a political jihad to capture power by contesting the seats of Mukhiya, Zilla Parishad, Panchayat and Sarpanch reserved for the tribals. After that, the role of this tribal woman is reduced and all the work is taken care of by her Muslim husband.

Pratul said that there are dozens of such examples in Pakur district on which these Muslim fundamentalists have conspired to capture power by making their tribal wives win the elections. Some of them have trapped these innocent tribal daughters and kept them as second and third wives.

Giving the example of Pakur, Pratul said that Lalu Sheikh, Khyar Sheikh, Mehboob Alam, Azad Mian, Vakil Mansoori, Umed Ali Ansari, Abdus Shamim, Azad Ansari, Sagir Ansari, Mohammad Sheikh, Hazrat Ali are dozens of such Muslim youth who He lured his tribal daughters and married them.

Then they made them contest elections at various levels and made them win in many cases and through them they came to power by waging political jihad. Pratul said that when his government is formed, he will demand a high-level inquiry into the entire matter from the Home Ministry.

Alamgir Alam’s international connections should be investigated; Alamgir Alam’s billionaire brother Jahangir Alam, who has been living in Bangladesh for a long time, should also be investigated by ED. The story of Alamgir Alam’s political rise in the 90s and his Brother Jahangir Alam’s shift to Bangladesh from the ashes to the top during this period requires a thorough investigation.

As Alamgir Alam’s stature grew, his brother’s financial empire also grew. He has worth billions of rupees, and is involved in business related to rice, jute and medicine.

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