Tribals of Jharkhand behind in industrial sector is a matter of concern: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Monday expressed his concern over the less participating of tribals in the industrial sector of the state despite their population being 27 percent.

Addressing the fourth Tribal Development Meet organised by CII virtually he said that participation of the tribals in the business and industrial sector is just 2.5 percent in Jharkhand. Similarly in the neighbouring state of Chhattisgarh where the tribal population is 31 percent their participation in these sectors is just two percent.

The Chief Minister said that there was no lack of resources in the state while on the other hand in North Eastern states the population of tribals is on par with Jharkhand but their participation in business and industry was at 9 percent and what were the reasons for this it is for the CII to ponder upon. He said that even the state government will ponder over the issue and try to overcome the obstacles.

Hemant Soren said that earlier the members of the tribal community did not get the proper cooperation and guidance due to which they could not move forward in commercial areas however the present state government is focussed on development of the tribals and locals as many schemes have been introduced for them and many are in the pipeline.

Adding further he said that due to the pandemic priorities of the government have changed a bit but the upliftment and well being of the tribals and backward communities remain the centre of the thought process of the government.

He called for joint efforts so that in the industrial sector also the tribals can get more opportunities. The Chief Minister said that the government is planning to come up with a single window system to provide opportunities to the people hailing up from tribal communities in the areas of business and industrial sector. He said that if all the stakeholders will fulfill their responsibilities then the tribals of the state will get their due share in business and industrial sectors.

Adding further he said that most of the Industries in Jharkhand are based on minerals despite offering tremendous opportunities in the areas of tourism, culture, agriculture and sports. He suggested that in sports sector industries catering to hockey and football can be set up.

He said that 75 percent population in Jharkhand lives in rural areas and nearly 90 percent tribals live in rural areas. Further Jharkhand ranks first in the areas of lac, tussar and tamarind production but no efforts were made to promote them therefore the state has decided to constitute a federation to promote forest produce.

The Chief Minister pointed that the compensation provided to the people in minning and other industrial sectors after a time ends therefore he suggested that when the Industries should be set up the stakeholders should be also given a share in the industries so that their regular economic development can be ensured.

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