Tribal couple donate eyes of their daughter

Ranchi: In a heart-touching gesture a tribal couple hailing from Gumla donated the eyes of their only daughter who had passed away after having sustained serious injuries.

The parents Chandraprakash Panna and his wife Surekha Panna lost their two year old daughter Vanshika who accidentally fell while playing in the balcony as her mother was on her work in a bank.

The parents rushed their daughter to a hospital in Ranchi where unfortunately the girl succumbed to her injuries but showing courage the couple brought their child to Kashyap Eye Memorial Hospital and expressed their desire to donate her eyes.

Director of Kashyap Eye Memorial Hospital Dr Bharti Kashyap was extremely touched by the gesture of the parents. She said that the act of the couple was a rare show of responsibility towards the society and heaped praise on the duo.

Dr Nidhi Gadkar Kashyap of the eye bank successfully took out the eyes of girl which have been preserved and would be used to give light to someone very needy in the future.

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