5 tips to help clean your house during the pandemic

New Delhi (IANSlife) All of us dread the process of cleaning our house. But it is very important to keep our living space clean and hygienic, especially when we are fighting a pandemic like Covid-19. Procrastinating makes the job tougher; things that could have been cleared in a day become a huge pile within the week.

Here are a few helpful tips, shared by The Better Home, to successfully overcome delaying tendencies and to tidy up:

Start with the bedroom

It may sound like a small task, but making your bed the first thing in the morning helps you feel organised and fresh instantly. Keep the stuff on your bed minimal and do not allow one to eat in the bedroom. Wash your bedding at least once a week (with natural cleaners) and change your pillow every six months or quarterly if you have allergies.

Do not miss laundry day

Laundry is one of those things that can quickly turn from a pile to a dump. However, make sure you don’t wash your clothes until you reach the maximum capacity of the washing machine – it is important to conserve water and energy while keeping your home clean.

Quick clean up before bed time

This can save a lot of effort in the morning. You will be amazed to see that it takes as less as 15 minutes to quickly mop up the dirt up before you call it a day. Start with the largest task on hand to get that out of the way. Make sure the kitchen is free of grease and dirt before you call it a night. This is important as it doesn’t allow germs to fester where your food resides!

Instead of stocking them all together, keep your basic cleaning supplies close to where you use them. So, the toilet cleaner should be in the bathroom, kitchen cleaning arrangements close to the sink and laundry detergents near the washing machine; so that every time you pass by each of these it reminds you of the task at hand!

Clean the high-traffic areas

As these spaces are touched more than other areas, door knobs, taps, cabinet tops, should be cleaned more often. Focussing on cleaning high traffic areas daily can help prevent the spread of dirt and dust through the rest of the house. Besides, during the pandemic, it also ensures that the surface do not have germs even if you are going out. Make sure you have a fixed area to keep shoes at the entrance to your home.

Make sure your cleaners don’t do more harm than good!

Even as you focus on the ‘how’s of cleaning, it is equally important to know what to clean with. Chemical-based cleaners are rife in the market; they clean well, but in the process release toxic fumes that could harm your loved ones, especially children and pets. Choosing an eco-friendly, pet and baby safe cleaner not only helps you keep your home hygienic but allows you to do so without harming anyone else.

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