Three arrested including Bablu Paswan who took contract for murder of Subhash Munda

Ranchi: Three criminals including notorious criminal Bablu Paswan, who took contract for the murder of CPI(M) leader Subhash Munda, have been arrested. On the basis of information received by SSP Kishore Kaushal, the police team has arrested Bablu Paswan, resident of Ratu police station area, Pintu Kumar and Praveen Kumar, resident of Hehal Road of Pundag OP area. Police have recovered a pistol, two live cartridges, a car used in Reiki and five mobile phones from them.

A total of 12 cases are registered against criminal Bablu Paswan in different police stations of Ranchi and Simdega districts. Ranchi Police has already arrested three criminals in this case and sent them to jail. Subhash Munda was having a dispute with Chhetu Khalkha over land. Subhash Munda was presenting his claim on 119 decimal land located in Daladli Maija. Even before this, Subhash Munda had obstructed the plot of 90 decimals.

After which Chhetu Kujur had to sell it at a throwaway price. Frustrated Chhatu planned to murder him. Chhetu befriended Subhash Munda’s business partner Vined Kumar and offered him half share in the disputed land.

After which Vined started giving information about every activity of his partner Subhash to Chhatu. After this Chhetu contacted the notorious criminal Bablu Paswan. On the matter of giving 15 lakh cash and 10 decimal land from Bablu, the plan of killing Subhash Munda was fixed. He was given Rs 4 lakh in cash and 6 decimal land as advance. On July 26, Bablu sent two shooters to get Subhash Munda killed at Daladli Chowk.

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