The basis of democracy is public opinion and the basis of public opinion is voting – Governor CP Radhakrishnan

Ranchi: Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan participated in the ‘National Voters’ Day’ program organized at Aryabhatta Auditorium on Thursday. He said, voting rights are a powerful weapon for voters in a democracy.

People should rise above caste, religion, sect and temptation and exercise their right to vote.

This will strengthen democracy.

For a strong and powerful democracy, the Election Commission of India has been working continuously since its inception and is continuously working to make the voters aware.

This year’s theme has been kept by the Election Commission – ‘There is nothing like voting, we will definitely vote’.

He said that to make this theme successful, vote in maximum numbers and also motivate people to vote.

The Governor said that the basis of democracy is public opinion and the basis of public opinion is voting.

Voting by a qualified person strengthens democracy.

Technology is also being used by the Election Commission to make voters aware.

C-Vigil, Booth App, Voter Helpline App, Suvidha App are examples of these.

The results of voter awareness have also been reflected.

9, 81,690 new voters have been added to the voter list in Jharkhand.

The number of voters here in the final voter list published on January 22, 2024 is 2, 53, 86,152 voters.

Governor CP Radhakrishnan said that his name has also been included in the voter list of Jharkhand and he will definitely exercise his franchise.

He distributed ‘Voter Photo Identity Cards’ to new voters and called upon everyone to exercise their franchise.

On the said occasion, the officials who did excellent work in the elections were honored and the ‘Voter Pledge’ was taken by everyone.

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