Temperature to drop further by two to three degrees, fog and mist to prevail in morning

Ranchi: The people living around the capital Ranchi are going to be hit hard by the weather in the next three days as the temperature is expected to drop by 2 to 3 degrees.

The Meteorological Department has predicted that during this time the sky will remain clear and the weather will also remain dry. Regarding this, Meteorological Center Ranchi has also issued an alert for the general public. Center’s senior scientist Abhishek Anand said that in view of the increasing cold, along with the elderly and children, the youth also need to be cautious.

The weather station said that the cold wind coming from the west has increased the chill due to which as soon as the evening sets in the wind starts blowing and the minimum temperature starts falling. During the last week, the temperature of Ranchi has dropped by three to four degrees.

According to the Meteorological Center the effect of fog or haze will be seen in the morning. Many flights have been affected due to the fog. The cold has increased across the district including Medininagar city. Saturday was the coldest day of this season in Palamu. 

The maximum temperature was recorded at 25.2 and the minimum temperature was 6.3 degree Celsius. As far as the weather forecast for Ranchi is concerned for the period between January 8-12 fog or mist will prevail in the morning with the maximum and minimum temperatures hovering around 21 degrees to 7 degrees.

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