Superintendent of Hotwar Jail appears before ED, interrogation begins on charges of conspiracy against the agency

Ranchi:  Jail Superintendent of Birsa Munda Central Jail, Hamid Akhtar appeared before the ED on Thursday. ED officials have started interrogating him in the case of conspiracy against ED. Earlier on Tuesday, ED had interrogated the head clerk of the jail. After which jailer Naseem Khan was interrogated on Wednesday.

It is noteworthy that ED had sent summons to Birsa Munda Central Jail, Jail Superintendent Hamid Akhtar, Jailor Naseem Khan and Head Clerk Danish in this case on November 6. ED had asked the head clerk on November 7, the jailer on November 8 and the jail superintendent on November 9 to appear at the ED’s Ranchi zonal office for questioning. ED had raided Birsa Munda Central Jail on the evening of November 3. This raid was conducted on the information received by ED from surveillance in the money laundering case.

ED had received information that the government witnesses of ED who are in jail are being threatened. A conspiracy is being hatched to implicate ED officers. Efforts are being made to destroy important evidence in the money laundering case. During this time, ED had seized the mobile phone of head clerk Danish. During investigation, ED got information that Danish was threatening witnesses of money laundering through his mobile.

Numbers of many witnesses and recordings of conversations have been found in his mobile. After this ED interrogated Manglavar from head clerk Danish on the basis of the evidence found on his mobile. ED also got information that Prem Prakash was running his syndicate in Birsa Munda Central Jail Hotwar. Planning on what to do and what not to do to cause harm to ED. For this, Prem Prakash is also planning how much money is to be sent where.

Prem Prakash is also plotting against ED and is giving directions to his associates outside the jail. He is also trying to influence the ED witnesses. He is also convincing the witnesses to implicate the ED officials by filing a case under the ST/SC Act. This will weaken the ED case.

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