Anyone who have illegal money have to go to jail – Babulal Marandi

Ranchi:  BJP State President Babulal Marandi addressed the booth level workers conference in Pakur district of Rajmahal Lok Sabha on Thursday. He said that with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, no one can end the reservation of tribals, Dalits and OBCs. The shop of the Indie Coalition is closing.

The public is not standing with them that is why they are spreading false propaganda. Understand their conspiracy. They are conspiring to remove Prime Minister Modi. In the last 10 years, Prime Minister Modi has taken action against corrupt ministers, officers and leaders. He is in jail. Two people each from this Lok Sabha constituency are in jail.

Barhet MLA of Rajmahal Lok Sabha and former Chief Minister Hemant Soren is lodged in jail. People say that Hemant Soren has been implicated, but he is in jail due to his own actions. They illegally mined the mountains of Rajmahal and sold the stones to Bihar and Bangladesh. Filled the money in his safe.

River sand is being taken to UP and Bihar, but the people here do not get sand. Action is taken against those who bring sand. The people of Jharkhand do not get sand to build the Prime Minister’s residence. People are facing problems.

Hemant used to steal coal at night in Amrapada and Littipada. Made fake documents to sell and get the land sold. He has got 800 to 900 bighas of land in Pakuria in the name of his brother and other people. Marandi said that Rs 20 crore was found from the house of IAS Pooja Singhal. He is also in jail.

Recently, Rs 35 crore was found in the house of the servant of the private secretary of Alamgir Alam, the MLA from this area and the second-ranking minister in the government. This is money looted from all of you. It is stolen money. This is money earned illegally from sand, stone, land and coal. The money is taken from commission in contracting. This is money taken as commission from the block. The money is from MGNREGA commission.

The salary is Rs 1.5 lakh. By the way, where did so much money come from? Depending on the salary, this much money will not be accumulated in 10 years or even in a lifetime. This money belongs to the poor people of the state. We assure that one by one the corrupt and broker officers and broker leaders will be put in jail.

Marandi said that they have given up by writing a letter to the Jharkhand government that disturbances are happening here. These officers are corrupt. Fix it, but the state government does nothing. If the state government itself had investigated, caught the corrupt and middlemen, and put the corrupt officers in jail, this mess would not have happened. The government of this state is engaged in creating trouble.

He himself is engaged in looting.

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