A committee of three lawyers will inspect the encroachment near the origin of Harmu river and the high rise building being built there – High Court

Ranchi: Jharkhand High Court has constituted a three-member committee to inspect the construction work taking place near the origin of Harmu River. This committee will inspect the source of Harmu River on 24th November, after which it will submit its report in the court by 30th November. Three High Court advocates will be included in the committee.

In fact, the High Court had taken cognizance of the news related to the publication of news of money transactions in passing the map by the Municipal Corporation. The court is hearing this matter by converting it into a public interest litigation.

The bench of High Court judges Justice S Chandrashekhar and Justice Anubha Rawat Chaudhary heard this PIL. During the hearing, advocate Lal Gyan Ranjan Nath Shahdev told the court that a high-rise building is being constructed near the origin of the Harmu River.

The Municipal Corporation has passed the map ignoring all the rules, due to which the existence of Harmu River is in danger. Advocate Prashant Singh on behalf of the Municipal Corporation and Advocate LCN Shahdev on behalf of RRDA presented the case.

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