Speaker and Education Minister jointly hand over car keys to inter and matric toppers

Ranchi: Speaker Ravindranath Mahto and Education Minister Jaggarnath Mahto on Wednesday jointly handed over car keys to the toppers of state intermediate and matriculation exams.

In a function held at the Vidhan Sabha, the duo handed over the keys to inter topper Amit Kumar and Matric topper Manish Kumar Katiyar.

Speaking on the occasion the Speaker extended his best wishes for the student for their future academic life. He said that apart from becoming a good doctor, engineer or scientist it is also important that they should have moral qualities inside them. He asked the education minister and also the teachers of the state to provide moral education in the children. He said that earlier the students used to walk all the way to the school or used to ride a bicycle but at that time also their results were very good but now when the toppers have got the car he expects that they would be working as a speed of the car to achieve their goals.

Addressing the function Education Minister Jaggarnath Mahto announced that from the next year he would be adopting the toppers and bear the educational expenses of the child. The Education Minister who himself has enrolled in intermediate on a lighter note said that he too can win the prize next year.

He said that on the day when the results were being declared he had announced that he would give the car to the toppers which he had fulfilled today. Mahto said that a member of the Assembly had suggested him that instead of giving a car he should have considered giving cash amount to the student so that it could be used in their future studies however the Minister said that since he had made an announcement in this regard, therefore, he decided to give car this year but from the next time he would be bearing the educational expenses of the topper.

The Education Minister said that for the last 15 years on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Vinod Bihari Mahto he had been giving laptops to the toppers of his areas.

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