Six rounds of bullets were fired on coal lifter in Khalari, Ravi Ram saved his life by running away

Ranchi:  On Saturday morning at 8:30 am, near NK area KDH branch of Khalari police station area, unknown criminals fired five to six rounds of bullets at coal lifter Ravi Ram in broad daylight. Lifter Ravi narrowly escaped in this incident.

According to Sources, it is said that Ravi was going to KDH coal dump on his motorcycle to load coal. Meanwhile, three criminals, who had already laid ambush on the dirt road near Kanta Ghar, opened fire on him with pistols. One bullet hit the mobile phone kept in Ravi’s pants. The second bullet went out touching his waist. After this Ravi left his motorcycle and started running on foot via Damodar River.

During this time the criminals also fired bullets at him from behind. After this, somehow Ravi reached a safe place and called his boss’s office and informed his acquaintances about the incident. The criminals ran away after firing.

After receiving the information, Khalari police and CISF personnel reached the spot and investigated the matter. On the other hand, after the incident, coal lifting through road sale of the project stopped completely. However, Kanta Ghar was kept open by CCL.

But out of fear, no truck driver is able to fork over an empty or coal-laden vehicle. It is said that this incident has been carried out to recover money from coal traders by a criminal gang or a militant organization operating in the call dump. After this incident, there is an atmosphere of panic among the employees of Kanta Ghar and the coal businessmen.

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