Saryu Rai asks officials to hold talks with Centre to increase paddy procurement date

Ranchi, Apr 24: State’s Food and Civil Supplies Minister Saryu Rai has
directed the Secretary of the department to hold talks with the Centre
so that the deadline for paddy procurement can be extended which comes
to an end on April 30.
He said that the work of paddy procurement is being done by the
central agencies and task has been slow in the state due to
lackadsicial approach of these agencies therefore the union government
should increase the deadline for paddy procurement.

The minister said
that it was the state government which had decided that the farmers of
registration would be done for paddy procurement and the government
had announced a bonus of Rs 130 per quintal for the farmers. He said
that the farmers had put their trust on the state government and done
their registration and a total of 92375 farmers have done their
registration but unfortunately paddy has been procured from just
34021 farmers.
The minister said that the delay has created a bad impression of the
state government as while one hand the farmer wants to sell their
paddy the state government is not able to procure them mainly on
account of lack of cooperation from the three government agencies and
the mill owners. He demanded that the responsibility of rice mills be


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